"Movers to Move with."

Moving Tips

Here are some professional packing tips for you to help yourself in the state of need.

Pack like a Pro

Before you decide to move, it is necessary to consider your household tasks and detailed concerns of any possible carelessness. Here are some moving tips from professionals of packing to help yourself in the state of need.

Always Hire a Professional:

Packing may seem like a piece of cake to many of you but it is indeed the opposite. Packing is actually tricky and difficult task when handled by non-professional. We recommend you to hire a moving company which provides packing, loading, unloading and reassembling services along with delivery. MOVERS IN VICTORIA is right now the most reliable company to offer these services at minimal cost. Call us to book a service right now.

Hiring a professional will give you an authority of having stress free journey. If you have to move to another city. They know the kind of every house hold or office item. This knowledge helps them to achieve an anxiety free trip with packing and handling all the items.

Start Early:

While making a decision to move, you must plan ahead and start packing early. Ten days or even a week earlier would be fine. You may think that how can you pack when you still have to use those items for next ten days? Well, PLAN and watch out for things which you don’t use very often. Make a list and even try to start from your storage. This early start will save you from forgetting anything behind. The best way to start your packing is list making. Lists will help you organize your stuff which is easy to unpack when required.

Box Basics:

We recommend you to always use high quality boxes which are specially designed for this purpose. This will make sure that your items will safely reach their destination. You would find professional moving boxes which are designed exactly to carry oddly shaped house hold items. You must also look for barrels as they are the best way to store variety of items with different size, shape and weight

A few words straight from the professionals

  • Empty your drawers from all the breakables or those items which would puncture others on during the journey.
  • Always pack similar items together for safety as well as easy unpacking. You must not pack fragile china figure in a box with cast iron utensils.
  • Electrical cords must be carefully coiled for avoiding dangles
  • Never pack parts and pairs of things separately because they belong together and you would have to go through a lot of stuff in just finding a single item.
  • Newspapers must only be used for cushioning because the ink can rub off on fine china items.
  • Always wrap delicate items in tissue papers, clean papers or even facial tissue. You can also give colour paper wrapping to small items which might get lost otherwise.
  • Each layer of packing is complicated but make sure that you fill the empty spaces with proper cushions like towels, crushed paper and light weight blankets.