"Movers to Move with."

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Domestic Moving | Best Removalist Company in Melbourne

MOVERS IN VICTORIA provides cheap but safe and timely domestic moving facilities all over Victoria. Now you do not have to consider expenses before making your moving decisions. We understand that personal care, traditional values and professional service has a lot to do with reduction of stress on your moving day.

The Fleet

Our fleet contains vehicles with different capacities. This is because we tend to offer equal value and care for those who have to relocate with huge amount of possessions or just a few items of furniture. All our vehicles are well maintained to sure instant delivery lacking any kind of trouble.

Reassembling service

MOVERS IN VICTORIA is the name for you if you are looking for a methodical and comprehensive service in relocating your possessions. Our employees will stay by you in packing, loading, unpacking and reassembly of each and every item to make sure that everything arrives at its right place.

A few words straight from the professionals

  • Empty your drawers from all the breakables or those items which would puncture others on during the journey.
  • Always pack similar items together for safety as well as easy unpacking. You must not pack fragile china figure in a box with cast iron utensils.
  • Electrical cords must be carefully coiled for avoiding dangles
  • Never pack parts and pairs of things separately because they belong together and you would have to go through a lot of stuff in just finding a single item.
  • Newspapers must only be used for cushioning because the ink can rub off on fine china items.
  • Always wrap delicate items in tissue papers, clean papers or even facial tissue. You can also give colour paper wrapping to small items which might get lost otherwise.
  • Each layer of packing is complicated but make sure that you fill the empty spaces with proper cushions like towels, crushed paper and light weight blankets.