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Terms and Conditions

MOVERS IN VICTORIA reserves all the rights to refuse any quote for goods carriage for any individual.

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WE ARE NO COMMON CARRIERS AND ACCEPT NO LIABILITY AS SUCH: MOVERS IN VICTORIA reserves all the rights to refuse any quote for goods carriage for any individual.

Your goods

While hiring moving services from MOVERS IN VICTORIA you are acknowledging that:

  • You are the owner or authorized agent of owner of goods and property from where the goods are being transferred.
  • You must advise us for any fragile good or any other types of goods requiring special treatment.
  • The goods which are being transferred are not dangerous or there is not even the possibility of them being dangerous during the move.


Our moving services are provided according to these terms and conditions.

  • We may authorize the subcontractor or contractor to carry out the whole process or any single part of the move.
  • Our services are guaranteed under the condition


Our services are charged according to the following rules:

  • An hourly rate is payable for all our services provided during the move.
  • We decide call out and return fee according before carrying out our services.
  • Even if we do not notify you, all the service charges must be paid immediately on service completion.
  • Any cancellation of service must be completed before the end of office timings of preceding day to the service. Service cancellation after this time would be charged according to the previously decided return fee and call out.

During The Move

  • We reserve all the rights for the selection of any route we consider suitable.
  • You must assure that either you or any other entitled adult will be present during loading and unloading of items.
  • You are entitled to the responsibility for making sure that all the goods which we loaded are unloaded at the destination.
  • You must sign the booking sheet at the right place to ensure that the service was appropriately delivered.


  • All the goods must be inspected as they get unloaded
  • You must report any damage to your goods immediately after you complete inspection according to the above-mentioned section.
  • As you will be an important part of move, therefore we are not liable for any damage which is solely not caused by us.


If any damage is caused as a result of our failure in due care and skill we provide the following compensations:

  • We guarantee repair for the damaged good to the condition was bearing before damage
  • We replace the damaged good if repair is not possible
  • Compensate you for the damage caused to your good due to our team


MOVERS IN VICTORIA reserves all the rights for any variation in these terms and conditions without any notification.


You are liable to pay any cost incurred by us as a result of the breach of these terms and conditions.

The Law Applicable

These terms and conditions are in accordance with the law in force in Victoria, Australia. While signing for our services you are agreeing to submit to the jurisdiction which is not included here.


We do not offer comprehensive insurance for accidental damage of goods. All possible care is taken and we will repair or refund up to $200 per item that is damaged by us. If you need comprehensive moving insurance it can be purchased through an insurance agent like these guys: removalsinsurance.com.au